5 Best Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder 2022

Best Heavy Duty Mixer Grinder 2022

Indian food is all about its flavours, spices, chutneys, and tempting taste. No Indian meal is complete without the use of delicious and mouth-watering spices.

But, are you still struggling with the old traditional ways of preparing the spices and your favourite chutneys at home? If yes, then it is time to get the best heavy-duty mixer grinder for convenient preparation.

However, the wide range of mixer grinder options has flooded the market. Therefore, it gets difficult to make one suitable choice. Our comprehensive list of commercial mixer grinders is here to help you with your selection.


What is a Heavy-Duty or Commercial Mixer Grinder?

A heavy-duty or commercial mixer grinder is a grinder that is specially made for commercial and personal use. The grinders are available in different capacities and are designed for easy handling and maintenance.

These grinders are used for both wet and dry ingredients like fruits, vegetables, spices, turmeric, etc. A mixer grinder with a higher motor capacity ensures quick and fast results. The major popularity reason for these grinders is that they work at high-speed with more power.

The price range for a suitable heavy-duty mixer grinder varies according to the variety of features available in it. The price of the grinder goes high with more features.


Top 5 Best Heavy-Duty Mixer Grinder 2022

Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder 58770-IN:

Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder 58770-IN

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Motor Power: 1400W
  • Accessories: multi-purpose jars, juicer jar, liquid jar, dry jar, chutney jar, spatula, tamper, filler caps, and base, scraper
  • Functionality: dry and wet mixing, grinding, juice extracting
  • Overload Protection: yes (triple overload protection)

What would you call a mixer grinder which is designed with a powerful working 1400W motor, enriched with all important safety measures, and that supports convenient hands-free working along with high-quality jars? Well, we call it Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder 58770-IN.

The major attraction, that pulls everyone’s attention, is the pre-set available menu options. The users can easily choose the required consistency to get super-smooth results within no time. These already available menu options are perfect for multi-tasking people to get optimal results.

This grinder is designed to work at any variable speed between the range of 3,000 – 18,000 RPM. There are 13 programs in this product that can be used to get soft dry or wet recipes along with blending.

Hamilton is also focused on the safety of its users and this proves with the various safety features enabled in the product. The mixer grinder doesn’t work unless the lid is perfectly and securely closed.

Besides, the mixer grinder is also enabled with an indicator to show the accurate working temperature of the motor. It alerts the users when the motor overheats while working. There is also a triple overloading protection feature that protects the motor from being overheated.

Along with these working convenience and suitability offered by this Hamilton Beach mixer grinder, its loud working noise comes as a drawback. It is also an expensive investment to make for some of the users.

However, with the professional luxurious experience that it gives to its users, this mixer grinder is certainly one impressive and considerable choice to make. The available 5-years warranty covers both the working motor and the entire product to avoid any working problems.


Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder:

Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Bosch
  • Motor Power: 1000W
  • Accessories: dry jar, chutney jar, blender jar, wet grinding jar, spatula
  • Functionality: dry and wet mixing, grinding, juice extracting
  • Overload Protection: yes

Despite a late entry into the mixer grinder market, Bosch successfully has taken over the market with its excellent products. Similar to all the other Bosch products, this mixer grinder is an absolute wonder to bring convenience and ease to its users.

There is hardly any interruption or hassle while grinding even the toughest ingredients like pepper, turmeric, or coriander. What we really liked the best about this product is that it doesn’t cause any residual mess while grinding. This helps the users to get hygiene and cleanliness as they use this Bosch grinder.

Be it any paste, batter, chutney, or spice, this Bosch TrueMixx Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder would never be a disappointment to you. Even though you may find it a little expensive but with its offered value for money, there wouldn’t be any complaints.

Apart from its consistent working, let us talk about its quality and trendy looks. Along with its blunt pounding blades, the body of this mixer grinder is made with high-quality stainless steel, assuring maximum reliability to the users. To further enhance the life of the products, the users are advised to clean all the used jars immediately after the use.

All the jar’s lids come with a locking feature to ensure work safety to the users. The grinder won’t start working unless the lid is perfectly placed and is locked properly. Thanks to this, the users can enjoy its hands-free operations without any worries.

Some users faced difficulties in removing the stains of turmeric while grinding it. Also, you would be a little disturbed by its loud noise when in use. Keeping these limitations aside, this Bosch mixer grinder, with the trusted build quality, guarantees fine grinding very quickly.


Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198 Mixer Grinder:

Preethi Xpro Duo MG 198 Mixer Grinder

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Preethi
  • Motor Power: 1300W
  • Accessories: grinding jar, and chutney jar
  • Functionality: dry and wet grinding and chutney making
  • Overload Protection: yes

With some great sales numbers, Preethi is a known name when looking for a perfect mixer grinder. The various features and qualities of this Preethi product make it a perfect companion to get professional kitchen help.

The grinder is powered with its strong, lasting, and reliable 1300W motor that can grind all types of ingredients without causing any trouble to you. You just need some fraction of seconds to get some fine grinding results, when trusting this Preethi product. The flow breakers available in the stainless steel jars also ensures fine grinding.

The blades are quite sharp for optimal and non-stop performance. The jars have a lid lock facility allowing hands-free operations for the users. You can also get rid of your worries of any leakages while trusting its leak-proof operations.

Talking concerning the safety that the users get, the grinder is compatible with a heat-sensitive cut-off and automatic shut-off during voltage fluctuations. The shock-proof body and high-quality nylon couplers provide smooth operations.

Thanks to the tripod motor stand in metal, there are very fewer vibrations and noise as the grinder works. This reduces the risks on the grinder’s motor and also enhances its life. The Turbo Vent technology, or commonly known as advanced ventilation, keeps the grinder’s body cool to retain the good taste and texture of the ingredients.

Its attractive and striking looks are good enough to keep everyone hooked up. It will surely be a wonderful addition to your kitchen that will spread its charm with its working and even its design. Wouldn’t you want to put your hands on this amazing heavy-duty mixer grinder to get complete help for your kitchen chores?


Maharaja Whiteline MX-220 Mixer Grinder:

Maharaja Whiteline MX-220 Mixer Grinder

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Maharaja Whiteline
  • Motor Power: 1000W
  • Accessories: liquid jar, wet/dry grinding jar, chutney jar
  • Functionality: dry and wet mixing, grinding, juice extracting
  • Overload Protection: yes (with its advanced ventilation system)

If you are looking for a mixer grinder from one reliable and reputed brand name, then Maharaja Whiteline should certainly be on your list. The grinder comes with 3 stainless steel jars, a powerful and high-performing motor, and an overall warranty of 5-years covering the motor and the product.

This Maharaja grinder is designed for an effective continuous 30-minutes working allowing users to grind large quantities in a single-use. It can be used to grind nuts, hard ingredients, spices, and vegetables along with preparing the smooth batter for trying many recipes.

This product is designed with enough safety features that ensures users worry-less working even with its sharp and high-quality blades. The vacuum feet and nylon couplers not only offer stability while working but also add durability to the product. Thanks to the food-grade quality, it is absolutely safe to use this Maharaja grinder for any kind of grinding/juicing needs.

Apart from this, the body maintains proper ventilation for the jars for quick cooling preventing any over-heating of the inside ingredients. The cool ventilation preserves the natural taste and flavour of the ingredients to offer just the best grinding results to the users.

There is also a reliable 1000W copper motor supporting the non-stop working of the grinder. This strong and dependable motor can grind all types of ingredients without any hassles. With its 22,000 RPM speed, users can get instant and smooth grinding results.

The attractive 5-years warranty keeps both – the motor and the grinder covered against any kind of issues. The one major lacking feature of this product is the unavailability of a locking system for hands-free operations.


Sujata SuperMix SM Mixer Grinder:

Sujata SuperMix SM Mixer Grinder

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Sujata
  • Motor Power: 900W
  • Accessories: blender jar, chutney jar, dry grinder jar
  • Functionality: dry and wet mixing, grinding, juicing, chutney grinding, grating, and mincing
  • Overload Protection: yes

The Sujata SuperMix SM Mixer Grinder can assure its users some great and satisfying masculine performance. Powered with a reliable 900W motor and sharp blades, the grinder can offer the desired performance without any complaints for many years.

The motor is powerful and is accompanied by effective sharp blades that can be used to grind hard ingredients and spices. The users can rely on this grinder to get non-stop continuous working for good 90-minutes. This helps the users to grind large quantities within a few minutes without going through any struggles.

There is a facility for 3-speed adjustment to use the grinder for varying purposes. Thanks to its maximum rotatory speed of 22,000 RPM, the users hardly have to wait to do all smooth grinding. The users can also use the whipper button for balanced momentary motions to make delicious lassi or whipping cream.

It needs minimal maintenance and makes a perfect fit for small restaurants for quick and hassle-free working. The 2-year warranty starts from the date of purchase and applies both for the motor and the mixer grinder.

Finally, the product is designed with a shock-proof and durable high-quality body that extends its use for many years. The vibration-less working also prevents any major damages to the motor, thereby, assuring quick performance. With its quick-cool system, it retains the original taste, flavors, and aroma of the food to improve the quality and texture of the dish.

Talking about the negative side of the product, some users have a complaint about the blades becoming blunt after some use. The ingredients also spill out if the jar is overloaded or over-filled.

Irrespective of these minor limitations, the mixer grinder is a suitable buy to get value for money.


Usha Trienergy Plus Mixer Grinder:

Usha Trienergy Plus Mixer Grinder

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Usha
  • Motor Power: 800W
  • Accessories: blending jar, wet jar, dry jar, chutney jar, lids, and spatula
  • Functionality: dry and wet mixing, grinding, juice extracting
  • Overload Protection: yes

With its amazing brand value and market presence, Usha is one of the most loved names amongst the users. For all those who are looking for trustworthy and reliable home appliances, Usha has always been the right choice.

This Usha Trienergy Plus Mixer Grinder is the first grinder in a square shape with Quadri-flow. The shape not only makes this grinder look good but also helps in improving its working efficiency.

This grinder is quite popular for fast and chunk-free blending. It comes with its deep 7mm jar that keeps all the ingredients revolving around its blade using its vortex power. This reduces the chances of getting any chunks or pieces in the final grinding result.

Besides this, the users can be sure of getting the original taste and flavours of the ingredients. The smooth grinding only enhances the quality of the ingredients rather than messing with their originality.

Another attraction of this Usha grinder is its 6-fin blades, which are quite wide resulting in faster working to get quick results. Its working is also supported with its reliable and strong 800W copper motor.

The motor maintains its cool as it rotates, thereby assuring reduced risks of overheating and its related damages. The motor can run continuously for 30-minutes to let users get the desired result in a single attempt. It takes care of the safety of its users with its lid lock mechanism which ensures that the grinder doesn’t operate if its lid is not locked properly.

The mixer grinder is available in different vibrant colours that can enhance the overall look of your kitchen. This modern-looking mixer grinder is designed to complement all types of décors. Other than using this Usha product for its obvious functions, it can also be used for preparing delicious smoothies and shakes instantly.


Our Verdict:

There are so many amazing heavy-duty mixer grinders available, but we are completely impressed with the Hamilton Beach Professional Juicer Mixer Grinder 58770-IN.

The grinder marks its strength with its strong, powerful, and reliable motor along with the safety features for convenient hands-free operations. Its attractive design also seals the deal for most of the users. The product is a little expensive but with its appealing features, every penny invested offers great value.

You can also write to us with any of your doubts or concerns relating to the selection of the best heavy-duty mixer grinder. We assure all our dedicated efforts for your assistance.

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