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Who invented the mixer grinder?

Herbert Johnson invented the very first mixer grinder in the year 1908. Herbert, worked as an engineerat the Hobart Manufacturing Company.
However, the mixer grinder in India was invented by S.P. Mathur which can be used for grinding, mixing, and pasting the Indian masalas.

The innovation of the mixer grinder was gradually accepted throughout the world as it helped many housewives with their household chores. The mixer grinder also replaced the traditional use of stone and mortar for grinding the spices.

With time, many advanced models, with the latest technology and features, are developed. You can easily find a mixer grinder that can fulfill all your needs at an affordable price and without any complications or hassles.

Which is the number 1 mixer grinder in India?

Although, there are many mixer grinders available in the market, however, the one that stands out from the rest to be the number 1 mixer grinder in India is Preethi Zodiac MG 218 Mixer Grinder 750W with 5 jars.

Preethi is one of the leading brand names with the highest sales numbers of mixer grinders. Talking about this particular model from the brand, it is designed with a robust and powerful motor of 750W which can deliver some great and instant grinding results, even with the toughest ingredients.

Besides, it comes with various accessories and jars which makes grinding quite easy and convenient for the users. Moreover, the model comes with a long 5-years warranty
which can be used for any kind of working defect.

With this mixer grinder, you can get the desired results within minutes which makes it simply the best.

Which is the most silent mixer grinder?

For most people, the selection of the mixer grinder depends upon the level of noise it makes during working. Most people prefer buying a mixer grinder that makes very minimal noise when in operation.

Thus, if you too are looking for the most silent mixer grinder, then you can choose Philips Simple Silent Vertical HL1643 Mixer Grinder. The grinder comes with a powerful motor of 600W yet ensures a super silent working.

Along with its silent working, the mixer grinder can be trusted for its smooth and consistent grinding with its lift and grind blades. The grinder is perfect for grinding anything within no time and without causing any disturbances to the users.
There is also a 2-year warranty on the product to avoid any kind of adversity with its working.

Which Sujata mixer is the best?

Sujata mixer grinders are known for their high-quality build and performance and thus is one of the preferred choices of the users. The brand offers a wide range of products, however, the one model that is considered the best from the brand is Sujata Powermatic Plus Juicer Mixer Grinder.

This grinder from the brand is an ideal choice for a home with its sturdy, hassle-free, quick, and reliable performance. With its 900W motor and 22000 RPM value, the mixer grinder is known for its high efficiency and low maintenance.

Thanks to its highly powerful stainless-steel blades and 90-minutes of long use, using the transparent jars, this mixer grinder can thoroughly impress its users. The grinder is completely shock-proof and is totally safe to use for grinding any type of ingredients without any delay.

Which brand’s mixer is the best?

Philips – Philips was introduced in the year 1891 as one of the leading brand names for many electrical gadgets and home appliances. Right from its inception, the brand ensured delivering best-quality, lasting and efficient products at a reasonable price. The brand is also known for delivering dedicated services after the sales to its users.

Bosch – Bosch came into the market in the year 1952 and instantly impressed the users. The brand ensured to provide all the latest and advanced technologies in their products to offer the needed convenience.
The quality of the material used in designing the Bosch products is also impressive making it a long-lasting brand name.

Butterfly – With the combined touch of simplicity, quality, and perfection, Butterfly needs no introduction in the Indian market. The brand focuses on designing its products simple and easy-to-use to cover the majority of the audience base.
The overall quality and offered services of the brand are also impressive for the users.

Sujata – This brand came into existence in the year 1980 with the vision of delivering perfect performance with its products. The brand ensures to design and deliver such products that are reliable and can be easily accessed by anyone without any hassles.
The brand also maintains its price within an affordable range making it an ideal choice for people with a limited budget.

Prestige – Prestige is a reputed and well-known brand name that delivers long-lasting quality home appliances. The products made under the brand offer great performance without demanding high maintenance in return.
The different products under the brand are available with varying price ranges. There are some high-priced products while some affordable ones.

Bajaj – As soon as the brand came into the picture in the year 1926, it became a huge hit amongst the users. Bajaj became one trusted and reliable name for most of the Indians.
The brand designed all its products according to the Indian needs along with providing excellent services and warranty for their quality appliances.

Which mixer is good 500W or 750W?

When buying a mixer grinder, wattage and the speed of the mixer are two of the main factors that shouldn’t be ignored. A higher wattage is always preferred for grinding tougher ingredients.

Generally, a mixer grinder with a wattage range between 500W to 750W (or more) is considered ideal for kitchen use. From the range, a higher wattage is always considered best for grinding all types of ingredients much faster and without any hassles.

Therefore, you should be sure of picking up a mixer grinder with a high wattage to get the smooth grinding result within no time. Besides, you should also keep a closer look at the RPM value of the mixer as it highlights how fast the mixer grinder can rotate per minute.

Thus, according to our suggestion, a 750W mixer grinder with a higher value of RPM would make a suitable choice for varying kitchen needs.

Can I use a mixer grinder without holding the upper lid?

Yes, you can use the mixer grinder without holding its upper lid. However, while doing it, you should be sure that your grinder is not over-filled with food, else it will make chaos while grinding.

While avoiding over-filling the grinder with food, you should also be sure that the upper lid of the grinder is closed correctly and tightly. If not so, using the grinder can get dangerous because of the risks of possible accidents.

Once you start using your mixer grinder, it makes the necessary vibrations during its use which can cause the food to spill out from the grinding jar. So, if you are planning to use the mixer grinder without the upper lid, be sure of taking all the necessary measures and precautions to avoid any accidents or mishappenings.

How can I reduce the noise of the mixer grinder?

Using a noisy mixer is always seen as a pain for the users. More than anything, it is the high noise of the grinder that bothers most of the users. also, it is quite obvious that a higher motor of the grinder will make the loudest noise.

To control or reduce the noise, you can follow some simple yet effective tips. Firstly, you should place the mixer grinder at a significant distance from the wall. This will prevent the noise from bouncing back, thereby, reducing the overall feel of the loud noise.

Other than this, you can also try placing the mixer grinder on a particular placemat which can control the vibrations as the grinder work resulting in minimal noise level.You cannot completely avoid the noise but you surely can take the necessary steps to minimize it to cause no disturbance.

Why do I get a burnt smell when I use a mixer grinder?

As you use your mixer grinder, electricity goes through its motors and heats it up to prepare it for work. Once the motor is heated, it vaporizes the oil leaving all the other stuff near the motor. When the heat reaches the other stuff present, it causes a burning smell that lasts for a few minutes.

It is quite normal to get a burnt smell during the initial few uses of the grinder. However, if the burning smell continues to come even after a few uses, then it can be because of having a faulty motor which can be dangerous to use. In such a case, you should immediately get in touch with the customer care service of the brand.

Which motor is used in the mixer grinder?

grinder contains a stator and a rotor which are made using laminated steel. The same universal motor is used in most of the other home appliances. Despite the smaller size of the motor, it is known to produce high power output to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted working of the motor.

One of the major advantages of using a universal motor in the mixer grinder is that the motor can work with both AC and DC; thanks to its series connection of the armature and field windings. The motor also has a high torque and rotational speed. As the motor can carry heavy loads, it makes a suitable choice to be used in a mixer grinder used for grinding heavy ingredients.

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