Philips HL 7699 Mixer Grinder Review

Philips HL 7699 Mixer Grinder Review

Are you looking for a mixer grinder that not only guarantees high-quality performance but also comes at a minimal price?

Finding a suitable mixer grinder is surely a big responsibility as you have to choose one from the vast option pool which makes the decision confusing and difficult. If you have been struggling, this is where you can stop.

We are here with a comprehensive review of a mixer grinder that has secured its distinguished place. We are talking about the Philips HL 7699 Mixer Grinder. Philips is in no need of any introduction as the name is recognized as one trustworthy investment by the users. With its years of existence and experience, the brand is all dedicated to coming up with its different innovative products for the users.

There isn’t any doubt about the reliability and performance of the Philips products and the same can be expected from this mixer grinder as well. Before framing any particular image about the product, take a quick look at this detailed review of its features, pros, and cons. Be sure that this Philips mixer grinder is worth your investment.

Specifications of the product:

  • Type: Mixer grinder
  • Power: 750W
  • Speed controls: 3-speed controls
  • Overload protection: yes
  • Total jar: 3
  • Juice extraction: yes
  • Dry/wet grinding: yes
  • Chutney making: yes
  • Available warranty: 2-years on the product

Features of Philips HL 7699 Mixer Grinder:

Philips mixer grinders are known for their effectiveness and efficiency in the design and working features. The grinders are enabled with various such features that make the perfect companion for the users for their daily kitchen needs.

The mixer grinders under the brand have consistently evolved with the advanced and latest innovations. Unlike many other grinders, the Philips grinders are designed for the convenience of its users – be it in terms of performance, design, or reliability.

Below are some of the main features of this Philips HL 7699 Mixer Grinder that highlights why it is an edge over the other available mixer grinders in the market.

Tough grinding:

It is hard to find a mixer grinder that can handle tough grinding. The Philips HL 7699 Mixer Grinder is specially designed to be suitable for tough grinding. It can be relied on by its users to get smooth and fine grinding results even when used for hard dry ingredients.

Moreover, it comes with its different high-quality jars that are strong enough to take grinding to the next level. The jars perform brilliantly and are scratch-proof irrespective of the food ingredients used in them.

Being a user, you would never have to compromise with your expectations of getting consistent and high-quality results. You can use this mixer grinder for different purposes like grinding turmeric within few seconds. Isn’t it simply great?

High-class performing motor:

The next in line is the absolute major attraction of this mixer grinder which ensures that it never lacks in its functioning.

The Philips mixer grinder works with the support of its powerful 750W motor. This motor is the secret behind the smooth functioning of the mixer grinder. Also, the motor is reliable and dependable to handle all the daily requirements of the users.

The motor comes with its sturdy design to assure the users that it will last the maximum time unlike the other local motors used. The robust build quality of the motor further confirms its need for minimal maintenance for continuous use.

If you face any faults in the working of the motor, then it comes covered with a 2-years warranty from Philips. You can be sure of getting all the help and assistance from the brand to overcome the complications.

The sharp blades:

The blades available in this mixer grinder are made of stainless steel and are rust and corrosion-proof. Also, the blades are quite sharp to cut through all the ingredients and give the expected results.

The blades are multipurpose; designed to be used for a variety of functions. You not only can grind the hardest ingredients but also can mince the vegetables, extract fresh juice, or blend the various spices using these high-quality stainless steel blades.

The number of jars:

You just do not buy a mixer grinder for grinding but for a whole lot of other purposes. Therefore, you would need multiple jars for all those multipurpose needs. So, let us take a look at the number of jars available with the Philips HL 7699 Mixer Grinder.

It comes with 3 different jars, which are –

  • 75L main jar (mainly used for wet grinding and juice extraction)
  • 1L middle jar (used for dry grinding)
  • 500mL chutney jar (used for making different chutneys, purees, etc.)

All the jars are made of stainless steel to make the most of them during use. The robust built and sturdy design of these jars makes them last really long without getting any wear and tear from the use.

Most importantly, the jars are designed with flow breakers to grind the ingredient to the core and in the finest quality. These available flow breakers in each jar also remove any chunks or portions during grinding to maintain the consistency and uniformity of the grinding result.

Design and handles:

Other than the work-specific features, let us also give close attention to the looks and design of the grinder. Don’t you want a mixer grinder that can match with your modern décor and also impresses everyone around?

The white and light purple color combination makes this grinder look very subtle and sober in its looks. Rather than being too harsh on the eyes, it pleases the users with its soothing appearance.

Besides, proper and specific attention is given to every single detail of the grinder to make it impressive in all ways. It is designed to be stylish and appealing yet sophisticated at the same time. It will surely grab all the attention. The ABS plastic maintains the quality of the grinder from the outside.

The major highlight of its design is its ergonomically designed handles. These handles are so designed that they can offer a comfortable grip to the users along with being flexible enough for their easy movements. The sturdy and stable construction of the handles also makes them the show stopper in the design.

Safety features to the rescue:

Would you entertain using a mixer grinder that risks your safety? It is, therefore, important to be sure of the safety highlights enabled in the product.

Talking about the safety features available in Philips HL 7699 Mixer Grinder, it comes with an overload protector which prevents the motor from being overheated. The motor automatically turns off in case of overloading and thus prevents many mishappenings.

Along with this, the grinder is also enabled with a lock mechanism which doesn’t allow the grinder to function if the lids are not properly closed.

The available vacuum rubberized feet also contribute to the safety of the users. these feet are so effective that they gently balance the vibrations to prevent any accidental falls. Also, the feet bring the desired stability to the grinder when it is working at a higher speed.

Maintenance, cleaning, and warranty:

If you are thinking, it would be tough to clean and maintain this Philips HL 7699 Mixer Grinder, then using this mixer grinder will give the biggest delight. The mixer grinder is compatible with a dishwasher and as a result, can be cleaned very easily. Only the filter for juice extraction needs a little extra care to remove the residues the next time.

The mixer grinder is designed to last and therefore, is made tough. Thus, the users can be sure that it doesn’t need any special maintenance need to give them the desired response.

Philips is so sure about the quality performance of its mixer grinder that it offers 2-years of warranty on the entire product. The users can make the most of the available warranty to get a strong hold against any adversity or complication.


  • Strong and robust design
  • Powerful stainless steel blades and motor
  • Versatile function enabled with all safety measures like overload protection, etc.
  • Needs lesser maintenance and is easy to clean
  • Suitable for tough and multipurpose grinding
  • Cost-effective and offers value for money


  • A little noisy at times with a burning smell in the initial uses

Our verdict:

The Philips HL 7699 Mixer Grinder is a perfect hit altogether. Right from its amazing features to attractive looks, it is hard to specify only one quality that makes it the preferred choice of the users. grab this amazing mixer grinder from Philips and know what makes it so special all by yourself.

You can leave a comment talking about any of your doubts or concerns relating to the Philips mixer grinder. We will get back to you with accurate assistance.

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