Philips HI 1645 Mixer Grinder Review

Philips HI 1645 Mixer Grinder Review

Philips is one of the known brand names in the market delivering quality kitchen appliances. The brand has taken an edge over the competitors with its consistency, reliability, and high performance. Right from its entry, Philips made sure to impress the users with its continuous innovations in its wide range of products.

Maintaining the reputation of the brand, the Philips HI 1645 Mixer Grinder has been a show-stopper. The mixer grinder instantly became a hit amidst the audience base with its charming features and pleasing looks. With every passing day, the popularity of this mixer grinder is rising high without any looking back.

To better understand the popularity of this Philips model, we are here with a detailed review covering all its features, pros, cons, and specifications. Surely, the review will help most users to make up their mind about buying this Philips beauty for their use.

So, without any further delay, let us take a ride to better understand the Philips HI 1645 Mixer Grinder.

A detailed review of Philips HI 1645 Mixer Grinder:

Specifications of the product:

  • Type: Mixer grinder
  • Power: 750W
  • Speed controls: 3-speed controls
  • Overload protection: yes
  • Total jar: 4
  • Juice extraction: yes
  • Dry/wet grinding: yes
  • Chutney making: yes
  • Available warranty: 2-years on the product

The available features of the product:

This cost-efficient mixer grinder from Philips has a lot more to offer than any other mixer grinder available in the Indian market. You can get an idea of its varying features with the versatile functionalities that it is enabled with.

Along with its high reliability, the product is completely trusted to get fine grinding, juicing, and blending results. The build quality and overall dedicated performance of this mixer grinder are some of the other reasons to bring it home.

Other than this, below are some of the main features that the mixer grinder comes packed with.

Strong and powerful working motor:

Strong and powerful working motor:

The very first thing that this mixer grinder will charm you with is its strong and powerful working motor. It is designed with a 750W motor which is effective enough to grind all types of ingredients without causing any problems or complications.

The motor is quite suitable for accomplishing all the household kitchen work quite easily. If you are a medium-sized family, the excellent and quick working of this mixer grinder would surely impress you like nothing else.

The motor is made of high-quality copper which makes it last longer than any averagely built motor. The motor’s spin is also too impressive as it rotates using 11,000 RPM speed. You also get a 2-years warranty on the motor to be sure of overcoming any problem with its working and performance.

Total available jars:

Total available jars

When talking about the effective features of any mixer grinder, you cannot miss the jars it comes with.

The Philips HI 1645 Mixer Grinder comes with a total of 4 jars, each made to satisfy different purposes. With the mixer grinder, you get:

  • 25L multipurpose jar
  • 5L wet grinding jar
  • 5L juicing jar
  • 500mL chutney jar

Each of these jars is made of high-quality stainless steel material which keeps these jars strong against any kind of damages. Also, the robust build quality of the jars minimizes the need for any extra or high maintenance.

All the jars can easily be cleaned with a dishwasher following the general procedure. You only have to be a little extra careful while cleaning the filter of the juicer jar to prevent getting any residue in the future juice extraction process.

Stainless steel blades and working technology:

Stainless steel blades and working technology

Blades are quite a crucial aspect for any mixer grinder. Sharp and effective blades ensure the users of getting quick and smooth results. Therefore, you should check the quality and sharpness of the blades available in the mixer grinder.

Talking about this Philips mixer grinder, it is designed with stainless steel blades to perform all its operations effortlessly. The major quality of the available blades is its lift and grind style with which it promises to provide smooth and consistent grinding.

Talking about its working mechanism, the mixer grinder relies on the Reverse Quadra Flow to prevent any food particle or ingredient from sticking to the jar walls. This also reduces the wastage of food particles along with the chances of getting any mess while using this grinder.

Stylish and appealing design:

Stylish and appealing design

Surely, a mixer grinder is bought for its features and functionalities but that doesn’t mean ignoring the design side of the product. Moreover, in today’s time, the buyers pay equal attention to the design and looks of the grinder to be sure that it matches with their modern kitchen décor.

The Philips mixer grinder is designed to impress. It has eye-catchy looks that can keep anyone hooked. The white and blue color combination of the mixer grinder steals the show by making it look attractive. The users are also seen impressed with the ergonomically designed handles that assure firm, flexible, and comfortable grip.

Also, the model is designed as lightweight and compact for easy portability and storage. The users can easily shift it from one place to another and also can store it anywhere needed without being disturbed.



While selecting any mixer grinder, it is always suggested to not neglect or ignore the safety features available. There isn’t any use or point in investing in a product that risks the safety of its users.

Philips has always prioritized the safety and security of its users and therefore, ensures to design all its products with effective safety measures just like this Philips HI 1645 Mixer Grinder.

This mixer grinder is designed with sturdy rubberized vacuum feet to bring the necessary stability during its working. The stable base also reduces the vibrations caused which results in minimizing the risk of any accidental movements or falls.

Besides, the mixer grinder also comes with an overload protection feature. Thanks to this feature, the mixer grinder automatically stops working when the grinder is overloaded. You should make sure to maintain only a significant quantity to get consistent results from the product.

The mixer grinder is also enabled with the lock-fit mechanism. Unless and until the lid of the jar is not placed properly, the grinder won’t start working.

All these safety measures are quite effective to ensure that all the users are happy and satisfied with the working of the Philips HI 1645 Mixer Grinder.



When you are investing in any product, wouldn’t you like to get a superior warranty? Philips covers the expected protection to the customers against faulty products or adverse working situations in the form of its 2-years warranty.

Other than this warranty time, Philips is also trusted by its users to get great and dedicated after-sales services. Philips always values its customers over anything else and its approach to handling their problems and issues totally reflects the same.

Pros of the mixer grinder:

  • The blades are multipurpose and sharp to be used with every possible ingredient
  • The motor is powerful to deliver quick and consistent results
  • Available in a sturdy, stylish, and attractive design
  • Balanced speed regulation with its 3-speed controls
  • Comes with 4 different jar capacities to be suitable for different needs
  • Offers great durability and good warranty time
  • Takes good care of the safety of its users with various safety features

Cons of the mixer grinder:

  • May cause a burning smell in the initial uses

Our Verdict:

Philips is a brand that can be relied on to provide great products at low costs. The brand’s products are specially designed considering the needs of the Indian users and thus, they never fail to make an impression.

This 750W powerful, strong, and dependable mixer grinder is everything that you would need to perform all your kitchen duties like a pro. Moreover, if you have a limited budget, then this mixer grinder would make the best choice for you.

You can also comment on all your thoughts and opinions below to hear from us.

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