How to Make Banana Stem Juice?

How to Make Banana Stem Juice

If you are aware of the benefits offered by bananas, it wouldn’t take much time to understand the offered benefits of banana stem. The tropical fruit – banana, is not only beneficial on its own but all its varying parts like fruits, stem, and leaves contain their individual benefits as well.

Amidst the excessive benefits of the fruit, we are here talking about the potential benefits of banana stem juice by trying one of its easy recipes. The banana stem comes loaded with various vitamins, minerals, and nutrients which make it a super beneficial juice for each and every one.

No matter what body problems you are dealing with, banana stem juice can surely be helpful. Here is one simple recipe for the juice along with all the required information of the ingredients and tools needed. You will surely love the recipe and the benefits that it offers.


How to Make Banana Stem Juice | Valathandu Juice Recipe

Ingredients needed:

Ingredients needed

One of the best parts of making the banana stem juice is the easy availability of its ingredients. All the ingredients used in the juice are easy to find and affordable. Here are all the ingredients that you need for making this healthy and beneficial juice:

  • 1 cup of banana stem
  • ½ cup of curd
  • ½ cup of cold water
  • Roughly chopped small piece of ginger
  • Salt; according to the taste
  • 1-2 teaspoon of pepper powder (optional)
  • 1-2 teaspoon of chaat masala (optional)


Required Tools:

The following tools are needed:

  • A mixer grinder
  • A strainer
  • A knife
  • Spatula or a spoon


Preparation Time:

You need 10-minutes of preparation time for making banana stem juice

Cooking time:

There isn’t any cooking time required for banana stem juice. Therefore, it is the 0-minute cooking time

Total required time:

The total time required for the juice is 10-minutes

Recipe yield:

The recipe can easily prepare 2-servings with the mentioned quantities of the following ingredients


Nutritional Information of  Banana Stem Juice:

Nutritional Information of  Banana Stem Juice

Don’t take any second thoughts to believe the fact that banana stem juice is packed with amazing nutrients. 100g of raw banana stem contains the following vitamins and minerals:

  • Calories – 13
  • Carbs – 2 g
  • Fat – 0 g
  • Protein – 0 g
  • Dietary fiber – 1 g
  • Calcium – 4% of the daily recommended intake


A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Banana Stem Juice:

A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Banana Stem Juice

Banana stem juice is one delicious and famous drink that can thoroughly impress you. With its tempting taste, its several health benefits are enough to keep you fit and healthy.

The recipe to make this amazing juice is pretty simple and it can be tried during the hot summer days instead of bottled drinks. Anyone can easily make the juice very quickly and enjoy its never-ending benefits.

So, without any further delay, let us have a look at the simple and quick recipe for banana stem juice. Here are the steps:

  1. Begin the process by thoroughly washing the banana stem to properly clean them from all the impurities, dust, and chemicals
  2. After this, roughly chop the banana stem into small pieces
  3. Put all the small pieces of banana stem in the mixer grinder
  4. Along with the banana stem, also add chopped ginger and water.
  5. Now grind the two ingredients to get a smooth and lump-free puree. Initiate the grind for 1-2 minutes only
  6. After this, add curd in the mixture along with the needed amount of salt and grind again for 3-4 minutes or until you get a super fine puree consistency
  7. Once all the ingredients are thoroughly blended together, now transfer the puree into a strainer. Use the strainer to remove all the unwanted pulp from the juice.

If you want your juice to be healthier, then you can also skip the straining part and serve the juice with the pulp as well

  1. After you have strained your juice, you can add black pepper powder and chaat masala to it for enhancing its taste. This step is optional. If you want to keep the taste natural, then you can skip adding these powders
  2. Now add some ice cubes to the glass and serve the juice chilled to enjoy its taste
  3. Serve the juice immediately to get its maximum benefits. Avoid keeping the juice for long as it can ruin its taste.


Health Benefits Offered by the Juice:

Having a glass of banana stem juice promise many amazing health benefits. Banana stem juice is rich in fiber which assures plenty of health benefits along with benefiting your skin and hair as well. also, just a glass of banana stem juice can protect your body against many possible health problems.

So, what other health benefits can banana stem juice offer? Let us find out by looking at the following potential health benefits of the juice:

Weight loss and management:

Weight loss and management

Talking about the major benefit that banana stem juice offers, you can rely on the juice for effective weight loss and management. The juice is quite rich in its fiber content which ensures that the users avoid overeating along with controlling the caloric count on a daily basis.

This helps the users to shed those extra kilos without much hassles and complications. Make sure to include the juice in your diet regularly to get its complete benefits for weight loss and management.


Prevents kidney stones:

Prevents kidney stones

The consumption of juice is also beneficial for reducing the risks of kidney stones. The juice is rich in potassium and diuretic properties which prevents the possibility of kidney stones.

For enhancing the benefits of the juice, you can add a little lemon juice to it. The citric acid of the lemon juice combines well with the potassium and diuretic properties of the banana stem juice making it a phenomenal drink to reduce the chances of kidney stones.

Moreover, including the juice in your diet also helps in removing and controlling the formation of calcium crystals and unwanted lumps in the kidney that can hinder its normal functioning.


Effective against urinary tract infections:

Effective against urinary tract infections

With its diuretic properties and balanced proportions of potassium and vitamin B6, banana stem juice is quite effective for the possibility of urinary tract infections. It not only reduces the infection but also ensures to minimize its related symptoms and health risks.

The drink is also suggested by many health experts for its benefits to reduce the possibilities of any kind of urinary infection. You can include the juice in the morning or in the evening to get all its benefits against the infection.

However, for the best and quick results, you should get a consultation from your health expert or any recommended doctor. This will also avoid facing any consequences of the juice for your health.


Controls diabetes:

Controls diabetes

If you are struggling with diabetes and are looking for an effective way to keep your blood sugar levels in control, then banana stem juice is your calling. The juice has shown amazing benefits for controlling diabetes along with reducing body cholesterol.

Since, the juice is rich in fiber content and doesn’t contain any sugar, it keeps the body calories properly balanced. The juice also has a low glycaemic index which further helps in keeping diabetes in control.

Though, the juice is effective in all ways but it offers the best benefits for diabetes when used unstrained. You just have to skip the straining step and use the juice with all its pulp and fibers for controlling your diabetes.


Regulating the hyperacidity levels in the body:

The major benefit of the banana stem juice is its efficiency in regulating the body’s hyperacidity levels. Along with hyperacidity, the juice also provides great relief against heartburn and its symptoms.

The best way to consume this juice is by consuming it on empty stomach. With its intake on an empty stomach, the juice controls and regulates the available acidic levels of the body preventing many possible health problems. Make it a habit of drinking a glass of banana stem juice on a regular basis and see the difference by yourself.


Reduces constipation:

Reduces constipation

Along with its benefits of improving the digestion of the body, the banana stem juice is also effective in reducing constipation and its problems. The juice is rich in fiber which plays a major role in providing effective relief against constipation.

The high amount of fiber in the juice works as a laxative agent that eases the struggles of constipation. For getting the maximum benefits of banana stem juice for constipation, use it without straining the pulp as the pulp is a rich source of fiber.


Treats anemia:

Treats anemia

As the banana stem juice is rich in vitamin B6 and iron, its consumption can treat anemia problems. It increases the count of red blood cells in the body which helps in improving the blood amount in the body.

The regular intake of banana stem juice not only enhances the red blood cells count but also improves the overall blood circulation in the body. This ensures that the entire body is functioning properly without facing any possible health consequences.


Benefits skin and hair health:

Benefits skin and hair health

The benefits of banana stem juice also include its benefits for crystal clear skin and healthy hair. The juice helps in improving the quality and texture of your skin and hair along with reducing skin blemishes and uneven skin tone.

The juice also works great to add an attractive shine to the hair. It strengthens the roots of the hair with improved blood circulation which prevents causing any scalp infection.


Final Thoughts:

There are plenty of uses and benefits of the banana stem; however, the best way to get all its benefits is by consuming banana stem juice. It is not just easy to make; it also doesn’t compromise with the natural benefits of the fruit.

Don’t keep your body deprived of all the amazing benefits that a glass of banana stem juice can offer. Include it now in your diet plan. Also, feel free to comment on all your doubts or concerns about the potential of banana stem juice.


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