Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder Review

Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder Reviews

Mixer Grinders are one of the most common yet most important parts of today’s’ kitchen. It is quite impossible to even imagine going all traditional to grind all those masala and spices over again. Mixer grinders have clearly made our lives easier and simpler if we talk about preparing different kinds of recipes.

Elgi – has maintained its consistency of delivering quality and reliable mixer grinders over the years. The brand was introduced in the year 1960 and since then it has managed to innovate its journey by embracing various advancements in its products.

Although the brand is into developing all kinds of equipment, it is its mixer grinder that stands out. So, what makes Elgi mixer grinder so special? Let us find out.


Elgi Mixer Grinder:

Elgi Mixer Grinder

These mixer grinders, from Elgi, are designed to be long-lasting while delivering excellent performance. The innovative features prevent many hassles in their working along with the assurance to ground the food smoothly and inconsistent proportions.

With so many amazing Elgi mixer grinders, you can easily find a suitable one that fulfils all your needs without any hassles. Each product under the brand stands distinguished with its unique qualities and features to make a charming impression.

Elgi is a brand of innovation and consistency. Amidst all its appealing mixer grinders, the one that we are highlighting is Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder. The mixer grinder has been a popular model that has kept all the users hooked with its seamless and outstanding performance.


Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder Review:

introduction of Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder

The Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder has been winning hearts right from its introduction. The product has maintained a perfect balance between super-fine performance and captivating looks. The ultra-range of Elgi mixer grinder concentrates to enhance the health and nutritional quotient of the food with its textured and consistent grinding.

Any mixer grinder is majorly defined by its working motor, isn’t it? The Elgi Stealth grinder is truly powered by a 750W working motor which supports accurate and fine grinding of even all hard ingredients and spices without any problems. It can give you smooth paste and grind within the blink of an eye.

A higher working speed of any mixer grinder attracts a lot of noise that can hinder your routine. But, with the Stealth mixer grinder from Elgi, you never have to worry about being disturbed by the loud noises. It is the most silent mixer grinder in its class that can just give you the desired results without any bothering.

The mixer grinder is designed to be operated with 3-speed controls to handle its working according to what is needed. Unlike the traditional mixer grinders, this mixer grinder is enabled with an electronic speed sensor to prevent any fluctuations in the grinding speed. Thanks to this electronic speed sensor, the grinder automatically corrects its working speed. while working, to ensure getting the right texture of the food.

Innovations like the electronic speed sensor helped the mixer grinder to be an instant hit with the users. However, the list of innovative features does not end here. There’s a lot more than the Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder offers!

The Elgi’s ultra mixer grinder range also came up with advanced features like – slow juicing and slow grinding. These two features are one of their kinds available in a mixer grinder.

The slow grind feature is perfect for all those ingredients that are require grinding at a relatively slower speed for getting the desired texture. This feature can be used for extracting coconut milk, grinding and pureeing the green vegetables, making some special chutneys, etc. Getting the right texture and taste of all these grinding results are made possible only with the slow grind feature available.

Just like the slow grind feature, the mixer grinder also supports the slow juicing feature. The high-speed juice extraction from other mixer grinders results in thin, separated, and not so nutritious juice. However, the slow juicing function ensures to bring the original and healthy taste and flavours while maintaining a high nutritional value.

If you are impressed with these features, let us talk about the highlights of its design to confirm that it is one of the best mixer grinders available.

The jars available with this mixer grinder are made with 100% food-grade rust-proof stainless steel quality. The superior quality of these jars prevents the food from being damaged by any contaminations. This proves to be quite beneficial for keeping the food healthy.

You get a total of 3 jars with this mixer grinder – a small jar (0.5 L), a medium jar (0.8 L), and a large jar (1.5L). All the jars are designed with metal couplers for getting uncompromised reliability. The metal couplers guarantee lasting performance without being spoiled or damaged with frequent use as the normal rubberized couplers.

Along with these jars, the stainless steel body of this mixer grinder confirms durability, and stability during use. The whole attractive stainless steel body also appeals to a stylish and eye-catchy décor to the kitchen.

Most users generally face a lot of troubles with the offered power cords for connecting the mixer grinders. The close attention to design a unique hook-type power cord for this Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder is totally appreciable. Thanks to the unique shape, plugging and unplugging this mixer grinder gets so much easier than the ordinarily designed power cords.

The rubberized vacuum feet of the grinder further controls and minimizes the working vibrations and thereby prevent causing any accidents or mishappenings. 2-years warranty is given to the users with this Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder.


  • Supported by a powerful 750W motor
  • Enabled with features like a slow grind and slow juicing to maintain the original taste and flavours of the food
  • Designed with stainless steel metal body to last long
  • Electronic speed sensor for auto-adjustment of grinding speed
  • Stainless steel jars to prevent food contaminations
  • The hook-style power cord to easily plug and unplug the grinder
  • Effective protection against overheating
  • Delivers required stability with its vacuum rubberized feet
  • Affordable buy


  • The mixer grinder is not completely silent. It does make some noise when operational.

However, the noise generated is surely much less than what is generated with other regular mixer grinders.


Our Verdict:

With its tagline – “Always Better”, Elgi has completely justified its motto of making our lives easier and simpler. Maintaining its legacy, the Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder combines and brings all the better for the users.

This one mixer grinder is your all-in-one solution for every kind of help you need in your kitchen while preparing delicious meals for your loved ones and family. Besides being an attractive addition to your kitchen, this Elgi beauty is a wonder for grinding anything and everything.

We would highly recommend you to try this Elgi mixer grinder and witness all its amazingly splendid performance by yourself. So, when are you upgrading your kitchen with the magic of Elgi Ultra Stealth Mixer Grinder?

We are always open to answer all your doubts or questions concerning this Elgi mixer grinder. If you have any, please do comment. We will get back to you keeping our best foot forward.

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