Bitter Gourd Juice Recipe | How to Make Bitter Gourd Juice?

How to make bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd juice or very commonly known as Karela juice is one of the few juices that doesn’t enjoy the best reputation amongst people. Remember, your elders’ words to make karela juice every day or to finish the karela sabzi and we hated it?

Well, honestly nothing much has changed about the juice except the wide awareness and acceptance of its healthier side.

Bitter gourd is one of the many vegetables cultivated in India. Do you know nearly 90% of the weight of bitter gourd is because of the high-water content available in them? Because of this, it is a widely preferred and consumed vegetable during the summer season.

Due to the bitter flavour of the juice, many people hesitate its consumption. However, the juice widely gained popularity because of its several health benefits. It won’t be wrong to say that a glass of bitter gourd juice works magically for people with diabetes.

Most of the benefits of this juice come if it is prepared and consumed fresh. It is not at all difficult to prepare yourself a glass of karela juice. If you really want to know the simplest recipe for making the juice, then you are at the right place. We have covered all the required information about the juice in our detailed guide.


How to Make Bitter Gourd Juice?

Ingredients needed:

To make bitter gourd juice, you would need some ingredients, which are as follow:

Bitter Gourd

  • 1 cup of chopped fresh bitter gourd
  • ½ cup of water
  • Some Lemon Juice
  • Salt to taste
  • Honey and aloe vera (optional)


The required tools:

Here are some of the tools needed for easy extraction of bitter gourd juice:


  • A high-speed blender
  • Strainer
  • A separate clean bowl


Preparation time:

The average preparation time needed for making the juice is 10-15 minutes

The cooking time needed:

The cooking time for bitter gourd juice is around 20 minutes

Total required time:

The total time required to make Karela juice is 25-minutes

Recipe yield:

With the mentioned quantities, you can make 2 glasses of bitter gourd juice


Nutritional information of the juice:

Bitter Gourd Juice Recipe

Keeping aside the bitter taste, bitter gourd is enriched with various vitamins and nutrients that make it extremely beneficial for human health. Let us look at the nutritional information of the bitter gourd juice.

100g of bitter gourd contains:

  • Calories – 16
  • Dietary fiber – 2.6 g
  • Carbohydrates – 3.4 g
  • Fats – 158 mg
  • Water content – 87.4 g
  • Protein – 930 mg

Besides this, bitter gourd juice is also rich in various antioxidants which prevent the body cells from many severe damages and problems. The juice is also rich in the goodness of vitamins like vitamin A and C, which not only strengthen the core of the body but also show their benefits on the skin’s quality, texture, and glow.


A step-by-step guide for preparing the juice:

Preparing bitter gourd juice is a simple and quick recipe without any unwanted complications involved.

Follow these steps to prepare bitter gourd juice:

  1. Wash the bitter gourd with cold water to remove all the dirt, chemicals, and pesticides.
  2. Once you have thoroughly washed them, remove the peel followed by de-seeding them.
  3. After doing that, again wash the bitter gourd thoroughly to remove all the unwanted peel
  4. In the next step, keep all the washed bitter gourds in a separate bowl to allow them drying completely
  5. Once the bitter gourds have tried, now chop them roughly and then place them in the blending jar
  6. Mix about ½ cup of water in the blending jar and blend them together to get a smooth puree. Add some water if the consistency is really thick
  7. Once you have a smooth puree, transfer the puree to the strainer to strain the fresh juice from the pulp.

Make sure to remove most of the pulp from the juice while straining it.

  1. Post straining the juice from the pulp, add some salt and lemon juice according to your taste and preference
  2. You can also store the juice in the refrigerator for a day but it is beneficial if you consume it immediately after making it.
  3. You can also add a little honey to balance the taste if it is highly bitter.

Besides these basic ingredients, you can also add any other ingredient like aloe vera, turmeric, etc. to improve the health and nutritional quotient of the juice.


Health benefits of bitter gourd juice:

Health benefits of bitter gourd juice

Bitter gourd juice or karela juice is a wholesome package of healthy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The juice extremely beneficial for weight loss, diabetes, and many other health benefits. Just a glass of this juice can keep you away from many possible health problems.

We are here with a list of possible health benefits that you can get from a glass of bitter gourd juice:


Reduces the levels of blood sugar:

Reduces the levels of blood sugar

The consumption of bitter gourd juice has shown a positive impact on balancing blood sugar levels.

The juice is rich in charantin, vicine, and polypeptide-p. These compounds are well-known to lower the glucose levels in the body which helps in balancing the sugar levels in the blood.

Amongst the 3 compounds, polypeptide-p works very similar to insulin, thereby improving sugar absorption in the body cells and tissues.

The other two compounds also help in reducing blood sugar levels. However, their exact participation in body functioning is still under research.


Improves skin health and quality:

Improves skin health and quality

Bitter gourd juice is also trusted for improving the health and quality of the skin.

Over the years, karela juice is consumed as a beauty aid as it is believed to enhance the skin’s glow. Also, the consumption of this juice works wonderfully to reduce skin marks and dark spots.

The richness of vitamin A and C in the juice ensures to reduce a lot of skin problems without causing any major side effects. Both vitamins are known to have amazing results in improving the skin’s texture and health.


Improves digestion:

Improves digestion

Many types of research indicate that the regular consumption of karela juice helps in improving the digestive power. It works effectively in promoting gut health along with showing effective treatment against stomach ache and constipation.

Even if you are suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, then karela juice proves beneficial for its treatment. The juice is rich in suitable antioxidants that improve the working of digestive enzymes and thus supports healthy digestion without causing any severe side effects on the overall health of the users.

Thanks to its high fiber content and laxative property, the regular consumption of bitter gourd juice is also recommended by health experts and doctors.


Improves immunity:

Improves immunity

Bitter gourd juice is sufficiently rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. Both these nutrients and vitamins are extremely supportive for improving the immune system. It also helps in improving the count of white blood cells in the body to support its normal functioning.

Along with improving immunity, the karela juice also helps in strengthening the body to fight against various infections and disease risks. You will feel energetic, active, and light with its consumption without facing any major side effects.


Reduces the risk of cancer:

The free radicals present in the body are the main cause of cancer. Therefore, it is important to keep the free radicals balanced in the body.

Do you know bitter gourd reduces the free radicals in the body?

Yes, bitter gourd contains compounds like lycopene, lignans, carotenoids, etc. which are proven effective to reduce the presence of free radicals in the body. As a result of this, the karela juice is found effective to reduce the number of cancer-causing cells in the body.


Treats the problem of obesity:

Treats the problem of obesity

Bitter gourd juice contains a good amount of water and fiber content. This helps to keep the user’s metabolism higher along with keeping them full for the maximum time.

As already mentioned, the juice also strengthens the digestive system of the body and treats constipation. All this combines to effectively treat the problem of obesity. The best way to get instant results is to drink the juice of raw bitter gourd possibly in the morning and in the evening as well.


Promotes hair growth and adds shine:

Promotes hair growth and adds shine

Not many people are aware of the fact that the consumption of bitter gourd shows effective results in promoting hair growth. Not only this, but bitter gourd juice also adds an attractive shine to the hair along with making them bouncy and stronger.

Besides, the juice also strengthens the hair roots, thus, preventing hair fall and the problem of split ends.


Improves eye health:

Improves eye health

Many health experts have also indicated that the consumption of bitter gourd juice supports eye health. It effectively cures retina-related eye problems along with treating cataracts and poor eyesight problems.

Moreover, the juice can also be relied on for treating the problem of dark circles as it improves the blood circulation in the body.

Health Benefit Sources:


Final Thoughts:

Bitter gourd juice is quite essential dietary addition that can keep your health in its best form. It is one of the easiest ways to keep your body free from all major diseases.

Other than its bitter taste, it contains essential vitamins and minerals that help in the normal functioning of the body and to maintain its health. You can add as many ingredients to your bitter gourd juice to enhance its nutritional value; just make sure that you are not allergic to any of the added ingredients.

Bitter gourd juice leaves no doubt in proving its worth for strengthening the well-being of the human body. But, still, if you have any unclear thoughts about the effectiveness of the juice, then do comment that below.


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