5 Best Philips Mixer Grinder in India 2022

Best Philips Mixer Grinder 2022

No Indian kitchen is complete without having a grinding/mixing/juicing appliance available. The advanced mixer grinder has taken over the hassle of traditional grinding ways and now are simply irreplaceable.

The market is full of many kitchen appliances brands but, the brand that has been people’s favourite for many years with its high-quality and innovative kitchen appliances is none other than – Philips. This Dutch multinational company is one trusted investment for most people.

Philips comes with several appealing and amazing mixer grinders which are one better than the other. Thus, if you are confused about which Philips mixer grinder to buy, we are here with our detailed list of some of the best Philips Mixer Grinder.


Why Choose Philips Mixer Grinder?

Dealing with almost all the electrical appliances, Philips has taken over the market and people’s hearts like no other brand.

The mixer grinders made under the brand are enabled with strong and powerful motors that never fails to impress the users with lasting and excellent performance. The Philips products are efficient in delivering accurate and consistent results for varying functions like – grinding, mixing, juice extraction, mincing, blending, etc.

Along with suitable features, the mixer grinders are ergonomically designed with user-friendly access and control buttons. Similar to all Philips products, the mixer grinders are also designed for people’s ease and to bring convenience to every Indian kitchen.


Top 5 Best Philips Mixer Grinder 2022

Philips HL7707/00 Mixer Grinder:

Philips HL770700 Mixer Grinder

Highlighted Specification:

  • Model: HL 7707/00
  • Motor Power: 750W
  • Accessories: ChefPro jar, Wet jar, Multipurpose jar, Chutney jar, Pulp extractor, Grating and Kneading tools, Chopping knife, Spatula, and Citrus press
  • Functionality: Grinding, Kneading, Blending, Chutney and puree making, Juicer
  • Overload protection: yes

The Philips HL7707/00 Mixer Grinder is a highly impressive model designed with a 750W powerful motor. Thanks to its motor and 3-speed controls, it ensures smooth and outstanding performance for all types of ingredients.

The PowerChop technology given to this Philips mixer grinder works in its favour to make it stand distinguished from the other Philips models. The technology works with the best combination of chopping angle, the shape of the blades, and the available inner bowl, with its 20,000 RPM speed, for desired results to chop all soft and hard ingredients.

Along with its chopping use, this mixer grinder also makes the best companion prepare different purees and cake batters. The mixer grinder can also reduce its RPM for being accurate with low-speed working using its special gear drive technology. Using this technology, the model can be used for slicing, kneading, grating, and chopping as well.

A grinder is an easy-to-use machine that comes with the easy assembling of the various accessories. All the available parts are dishwasher safe and compatible making it convenient for the users to maintain their hygiene.

Its compact design needs minimal storage space in the kitchen. Besides, all the stainless steel jars are leak-proof and spill-free to provide a seamless experience to the users. With its stable rubberized feet and overload protection, the mixer grinder prioritizes its user’s safety over anything else.

The warranty for 5-years covers all possible problems with the motor while the 2-years warranty protects the entire product. This Philips mixer grinder has got all the qualities and specifications to be the core accessory of your kitchen. Don’t think twice and try this very amazing Philips mixer grinder in your kitchen.


Philips Viva Collection HL7701 Mixer Grinder:

Philips Viva Collection HL7701 Mixer Grinder

Highlighted Specification:

  • Model: HL 7701/00
  • Motor Power: 750W
  • Accessories: Wet jar, Blender jar, Multipurpose jar, Chutney jar, Pulp extractor, Spatula
  • Functionality: grinding, blending, juice and pulp extraction, mixing, chutney making
  • Overload protection: yes

The Philips Viva Collection HL7701 Mixer Grinder is again a strong player for the grinding needs in any Indian kitchen. Designed with a strong powerful motor, all essential features, and accessories to support them, this mixer grinder is something you surely don’t want to miss.

The mixer grinder relies on its very efficient and consistent working motor of 750W to deliver a smooth and uninterrupted grinding experience. The best-in-class motor never fails with any food item and can be used for all soft and even hard ingredients. The 4-speed controls can be varied according to the need.

This Philips product is an excellent juice extractor as well. It can provide its users with pulpy juice without any residue bits or chunks, even when used for hard fruits. What the users get is pure and refreshing juice to drink!

Thanks to the 4 jars, the users can prepare anything they need without any hassles or inconvenience. All the jars are made from high-quality stainless steel and thus are leak and spill-proof for a splendid experience. The jars also need minimal maintenance to keep them clean and hygienic.

The users are given convenience with its design as well. With its large and easy-to-control switch knob, the users can use it at different speeds. It is quite easy to operate this mixer grinder that it can be handled by anyone in the family.

The grinder automatically cuts-off when overloaded or overheated to avoid any accidents. Also, the suction feet minimize the harsh vibrations while grinding along with maintaining stability.

The working motor of the grinder is well-protected against any kind of problems with a 5-years warranty. The product is also covered with an overall warranty of 2-years against several adversities.


Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder:

Philips HL7756 00 Mixer Grinder

Highlighted Specification:

  • Model: HL 7756/00
  • Motor Power: 750W
  • Accessories: Wet jar, Multipurpose jar, Chutney jar, Spatula
  • Functionality: wet and dry grinding, chutney making, juicing, mixing
  • Overload protection: yes (with advanced ventilation cooling system)

If you are looking for a compact grinding model with the Philips brand that can ensure sustainable performance, then this Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder would make the best sense. The grinder is simply perfect for everyday use without consuming much space or power for its working.

The grinder works using its 750W motor that can deliver significant results for grinding all possible ingredients within no time. You would hardly need minutes to get your spices, purees, or batter ready. The motor can be used for 25-minutes continuously to get the desired results in a single go.

The grinder is designed with special sharp blades that can cut through anything and everything. The working of the blades can be controlled by adjusting the 3-speed controls. Thanks to the sturdy couplers, the performance of this mixer grinder is always consistent and impressive.

The special feature of this Philips mixer grinder is its cool ventilation system. Making the best use of this advanced cooling system, the grinder prevents being overheated during the use. As the grinder cools downs quickly, it effectively retains the original flavors and taste of the ingredients used in it.

Having second thoughts about buying the mixer grinder because of the limited storage space? Well, don’t worry, its small compact size will make the perfect solution for that. it won’t block any major storage space in your kitchen.

The users are also given 3 leak and spill-proof stainless steel jars with their semi-transparent lids to cook anything using this product. The vacuum feet maintain balanced stability during the operation to enhance the user’s safety.

Lastly, the motor of this Philips mixer grinder is covered with a 5-years warranty along with an overall 2-years warranty on the model.


Philips HL 7720 Mixer Grinder:

Philips HL 7720 Mixer Grinder

Highlighted Specification:

  • Model: HL 7720
  • Motor Power: 750W
  • Accessories: wet jar, chutney jar, multipurpose jar, spatula
  • Functionality: grinding, juicing, chutney making
  • Overload protection: yes

Philips is known for its high-speed performance and this Philips HL 7720 Mixer Grinder clearly justifies that. The grinder is designed with a 750W motor that can outshine with its seamless performance with all food ingredients. With its consistent working, this mixer grinder secures its special place in the Indian kitchen.

The grinder also has a speed regulator to vary the available 3-lock speed controls. The speed control knob can easily be rotated against the desired speed to get quick grinding results. For getting the best results without any overheating or overloading issues, it is advised to gradually increase the working speed.

Philips has also enabled an auto cut-off feature in its mixer grinder to maintain the long-life of the motor. In any case of voltage fluctuation or overloading, the mixer grinder automatically turns off to reduce the risk of damages. Also, it features an advanced ventilation cooling system to balance the motor’s working heat and also to retain the original taste and flavors of the food items.

The grinder further accompanies 3 leak and spill-proof jars. You can rely on any of these jars to perform any possible functions using this Philips mixer grinder. These jars are made with strong stainless steel material and are also quite easy to clean after use.

This grinder is specially designed for all the places with limited storage space. Its sturdy rust-free design indicates lasting performance without facing any problems or hassles. To enhance the convenience for the users, the handles are ergonomically designed that offer the most comforting grip.

Well, if these attractions aren’t enough, this mixer grinder also supports the child lock feature. For stable working of the motor, it is given a 5-years warranty while the product is covered with an overall 2-years warranty.


Philips HL1643 Simply Silent Vertical Mixer Grinder:

Philips HL1643 Simply Silent Vertical Mixer Grinder

Highlighted Specification:

  • Model: HL 1643
  • Motor Power: 600W
  • Accessories: wet grinding jar, chutney jar, multipurpose jar, spatula
  • Functionality: grinding, juicing, and chutney making
  • Overload protection: yes

The Philips HL1643 Simply Silent Vertical Mixer Grinder might be simply looking in its design but it is massive with its performance. It won’t be wrong to consider this mixer grinder as an all-in-one solution for all your needs to prepare delicious food for your loved ones.

The grinder is well-supported with its decent yet powerful 600W motor. The motor is significant enough to give seamless fine grinding results in few minutes. The only problem that some users may feel is its 87dB noise level which though comes within an acceptable range and thus causes no extreme disturbance.

There are many safety measures combined with this Philips grinder. It shuts down on its own in case of voltage fluctuations and overloading/overheating situations. Also, the available jars are strong and spill-proof, thereby reducing any kind of a mess.

The users are given 3 different jars for different purposes like grinding, chutney making and blending. Thanks to the 3-speed control and pulse, it stabilizes its working according to the need. There is also a power indicator to assure the users it’s suitable and hassle-free multiple working.

It is specially designed with quality lift and grind blades to deliver smooth and fine grinding. The Reverse Quadra Flow prevents any food ingredient or particle from sticking on the jar walls. This maintains the taste of the ingredients without causing any wastage.

This Philips mixer grinder is kept minimalistic yet an attraction in its design. Its compact size requires very little storage space and on the other hand, its vacuum rubberized feet control the loud vibrations to get desired work stability.

With this Philips HL1643 Simply Silent Vertical Mixer Grinder preparing all your favourite dishes won’t be a task anymore. Grab it now and enjoy your food just the way you like it.


Our Verdict:

Philips is such an impressive brand that it surely can be difficult for anyone to pick just one name out of many. The Philips HL7707/00 Mixer Grinder has won our hearts in all the parameters and thus is our final choice.

The grinder is absolutely convenient for all varying needs of an Indian kitchen. With its quick and efficient motor, it not just saves the time and efforts of the users but also guarantees fine consistent grinding. This Philips mixer grinder also overcomes the storage space constraint with its compact and attractive design which needs very minimal space.

If you still are having mixed thoughts and concerns to buy one suitable mixer grinder, then please do comment below. We will make all our assistance and help available for you to choose only the best Philips mixer grinder.


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